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Maximize The Buck is a Texas dealership coordinating sales of (EPS) Energy Panel Structures Inc.- Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPs). Maximize The Buck is requested in some cases to oversee the clients custom built home or building installation.

Maximize The Buck sales of our EPS structural insulated panel systems success is mostly due to Word of Mouth from our clients that inform us that they absolutely love their new EPS structural insulated panel home or building.  Every SIP building we sell provides the comfort and savings of an Energy Efficient Green Building that is Energy STAR Certified

Maximize The Buck is always looking to increase our (SIP) builders / installers network of Great Concrete & Formers, Carpenters, Framers, Mechanical HVAC, Plumbers, Electrical installers, Security, Tile installers, Wood Flooring, Countertop Installers, Cabinet installers, Road and infrastructure installers and Estimators including reasonably priced PE,s in Architectural, Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Architectural Drafters.
We would love to welcome your qualifications to our MTB TEAM!

Maximize The Buck a Texas LLC (MTB) is 110% committed to Quality and Customer Service. We expect to be around for many more years of growth supplying our futures increased demand of energy efficient buildings that are energy star certified.

Maximize The Buck a Texas LLC is always looking for self-motivated future employees, contractor’s & clients to “BECOME PART OF OUR TEAM

Please fill out our Contractor prequal / Future Employee form of interest if you would like to become a contractor builder of our EPS systems or a potential team player within MTB.  Maximize The Buck will follow up with a phone call or email to further discuss qualifications with said contractor or future employee of interest.

Thank you for your time and interest.